With a great love for art and antiques and a passion for all things food and wine, Heritage Culinary Artifacts features unique items sourced from around the world. Farm tables, and carbon steel knives from the American Midwest, brass fish and meat scales, sterling silver crab forks and bone marrow spoons from England, lamps from Belgium, copper pieces from the south of France, and bread boards and butcher blocks from Italy all share space.

And while the breadth and scope of Heritage Culinary Artifacts’ offerings are international, its heart lies in Americana. Unusual and sought-after butchering equipment, antique hunting and fishing paraphernalia, taxidermy, mid-century American pottery, industrial lighting fixtures, tin signs and still life paintings mingle seamlessly.

As you would suspect from its location in the heart of Napa Valley, wonderful wine related items are a specialty: antique corkscrews, early barrel making tools, cut crystal decanters and toasting cups, bone handled bottle openers, sterling silver flasks and unusual porcelain bottle stoppers. 

We cater to the Admirer, the Collector, the Designer.

As a Sommelier for many years, I traveled extensively and obsessively throughout the most beautiful wine regions in the world and found that where there is good wine, there is good food. And where there is good food and wine, there are beautiful arts and antiques devoted to these noble pursuits, and even sometimes created entirely for their exaltation and celebration.

Growing up in an Italian family, I was surrounded by good food. To this day, I still wake each morning asking “What's for dinner?” I grew up to appreciate food, wine and its natural production. I hunt for bird and game, and butcher animals with friends so we have freezers full of meat and sausages. There’s usually a stock or sauce on the stove and something frying in the oven. I love to cook and I began collecting arts and antiques devoted to culinary pleasures many years ago.

I look forward to welcoming you to Heritage Culinary Artifacts within these pages.  Page through the online offerings and read about my adventures on the road in Morsels.  As we know, it's the search for the gems that's the fun part!

I hope you find something delightful and unexpected.

-Lisa Minucci